Farm program

Our farm is located under the slope of mount Meru in a city Called Arusha. The weather patterns in Arusha Tanzania generally are tropical. The city is located in north East of Tanzania and it range about 1350 meters (4430 feet).

Whether you are pursuing a bachelor degree in agro-business or just wanted to get connected to work in a farm we are always looking for someone like you. It is with no doubt that this opportunity would help you to improve your agricultural skills and contribute to our orphanage. The weather supports various crops both cereals and cash crops such as coffee, banana, and this is what you will spend your time doing during your stay with us as a wwofer.

We will teach you how to plant and harvest the coffee, bananas, carrots, maize, potatoes, and many more. At end we will celebrate our victory by eating and drinking our harvests example a cup of tea, and ripe bananas. We believe that this knowledge will be useful to organization and friendly to our lovely earth.

The main goal of this agriculture program is to help to feed the kids in Tabasamu orphanage.

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