Volunteer with Tabasamu and join our efforts in the following projects:


Teaching English Language:

Tell us your professional and join our efforts in making the changes in Tanzania. You will teach English language to kids from age 3-14 years old. We emphasize teaching language because English language has few speakers in Tanzania, mainly dominant language is Swahili.


Reunion Program:

This is a special program to connect a child with their family members or grandmother, its not our expectations to see the children we raised are going back to uncondusive environment after reunion, therefore its our wish to give a family a small capital to start small business in guidance of Tabasamu and live their own life. We are inviting donors,volunteers, and companies to support us get money to help the families of children from Tabasamu.


Farming project:

We do little agriculture for the children in orphanage as sustainable project which give food to children. We also have small chicken project which was initiated by our previous volunteers Trille and Sofie after some years ahead Anne Christine supported also the project.

Feel free to asks us about the following volunteerism opportunity

  • Nurse volunteers opportunity
  • Teaching opportunity
  • Solar energy volunteer opportunity