Our Story

Tabasamu Orphanage is a small children organization located in Arusha Tanzania. Tabasamu is a Swahili name which means Smile. Tabasamu was foundered by David Joseph Wella who is a Tanzanian teacher. For 4 years we have been hosting more than 300 volunteers from different corners of the world. We are dedicated in giving aspiring life to less privileged children from our community, orphans, elders in their home places, one parent children and children who come from poor families.

In future, we are planning to connect separated and neglected children with their families. We have more than 25 mixed of orphans, poor children, and single-parent poor families that depend on Tabasamu help, and for sure it has been our day to day habit to work very hard from sunrise to sunset to plan, strategize, connect volunteers with Tabasamu for sponsorship and look for a way they would help to get food and education.

Working with children has truly taught us the meaning of life that is laughing, teasing, playing, dancing, and teaching us how to act like children every single moment, in your life even if you are 60 years old. Some previous volunteers told me that, working with children is a blessing job which keeps you away from stress and pressurized working environment in the office.


To ensure that there is a high degree of guides, support in all way possible, and security to the children without discrimination of any kind to contribute to desire culture and sustainable development in Tanzania.