We are located in a small town called Usa-River Arusha Tanzania its just 30- 45 minutes from Kilimanjaro airport and it cost you $50 taxi fare to Tabasamu. The climatic condition of USA-River is generally hot its 20.3C with more than 23,437 people.

We are located closely to rehabilitation center whereby inside there is restaurant mostly for foreigners with free WI-FI service. Historical background of this town, Back in those times this place named USA and because it was full of water and people could plant rice then it was the source of the name Usa-River.

Tabasamu is very close to Arusha national park just half an hour. However, when you in USA-River town you would have a good point to view Twin Mountains Kilimanjaro and Mt Meru.

Our place is very close to the following services, Bank, Bureau de exchange, supermarket, post office, local market, and nice restaurant. You can access all of these services in ten minutes