Tabasamu was founded by David Joseph four years ago, with the aim of giving hope to an individual child, mostly who are orphans and those who are living in extreme poverty, or single parent family with low income. Initially, our major concern was to deal with ONLY orphans in Tanzania but after start operating for couple years then we realized that major causes poverty in our community is a low level of education whereby the big number of children don’t attend to school because of low income from their families. Therefore they need everyone’s help. I can make changes, you can make changes, we can make changes. Many parents can’t support the children by buying them uniform, learning materials, paying fees and other related expenses.

Tabasamu is the father of many children in Tanzania whereby it supports big number of children in Tanzania. We have achieved in sending some children to English school in Tanzania already, provide three meals a day, health care, uniforms, clothes, toys and many more. The most important thing is educating the community about how to raise a kid.