We have been giving enough basic needs like food, shelter, and clothes to less advantageous children who are homeless orphans and other related children. We are depending on the donations from volunteers and sponsors. All money goes direct to the help the children at Tabasamu orphanage.  Welcome and have fun with children!

You can support us to get ONE of the following.
• Rent 150 USD a month
• Food
• School fees any thing from 40USD per kid a month
• Mamas salary 71USD per person

TABASAMU CHILD CARE AND ORPHANAGE CENTRE is non-profit making charity founded purposely to support the unprivileged and vulnerable children, orphans and other relating needy kids in Tanzania. Our main job is to ensure good provision of social security, food and health.

Moreover the Tabasamu day care & orphanage centre is a catalyst for social development and basically we also support Masai society which lives in a dry climate and poor water supply, lack of enough food, shelter, poor education which led to FGM and polygamies. This is a big job and therefore we are calling for anyone who wishes to help fundraise for food and school fees. Would you like to do fund-raise? Please let us know and we will guide you from first step to the last step! Please visit to www.gofundme.com or send us an email and we will be happy to help you.